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2014 Pick a Bundle

London, United Kingdom – Paddle has launched the latest Pick a Bundle promotion. This is a 3 week long bundle sale on 30 premium Mac applications and games. Users can head over to the Pick a Bundle site and browse a selection of 30 incredible Mac titles and create a personalised bundle containing 10 Mac apps of their choice, and pay just $39.99 for the entire pack.  Continue reading »

PDF Viewer Pro 1.2

Rome-based independent start-up, Bridge Comm has introduced PDF Viewer Pro 1.2, their PDF document viewer and annotator for Mac OS X. Specifically designed for students and those who work extensively with PDF documentation, PDF Viewer Pro allows users to annotate and export highlights and notes (including images) for further processing. Users can choose to view their PDF documents in the traditional vertical scrolling mode or in book mode. All PDF documents can be shared via iCloud.
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Botnet Bust :: SpyEye Malware Mastermind Pleads Guilty

Digital Evidence Response TeamOn January 28, 2014, Russian national Aleksandr Andreevich Panin pled guilty in an Atlanta federal courtroom to a conspiracy charge associated with his role as the primary developer and distributor of malware—called SpyEye—created specifically to facilitate online theft from financial institutions, many of them in the U.S.

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Longtime MLMUG member “Moe” Comeau has passed on

 Moe was in the group that started MLMUG in 1989 and served in many capacities including Past President, Recording Secretary, Webmaster, Raffle runner, Vendor Liaison, photographer, picnic chef, muffin baker and Curmudgeon. Moe was always willing to pitch in and will be missed by all in MLMUG.

UGAB Commemorate page



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UGNN Cyber Security Report for January 27, 2014


User Group Network UGN Safenetting and Malware report They’re telling us that the NSA has something to do with cyber security but hey … who would you rather have spying on you: NSA or the Russian Mob? Besides the fact that the NSA issues have nothing to do with the web, other than bank robbers using the interstate to escape. Oh well. The media will say anything to get more pairs of eyes. That’s why you can rely on the Cyber Security Infomanager at Safenetting:
Games InfoManager 50 top US cyber security experts write open letter calling for end to NSA ‘snoop-ops’
Games InfoManager Social media – A possible threat to national security in Sri Lanka
Games InfoManager Cyber security a big topic at Brookings symposium
Games InfoManager Cybersecurity researchers call for NSA changes
Games InfoManager Government to set ‘day of cybersecurity”
Games InfoManager Stepping up cyber security
and more . . .

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First Internal Blu-ray Recordable Drive for MacBook Pro

San Dimas, California – MCE Technologies (MCE) has announced that it has begun shipping the first-ever internal Blu-ray recordable drive for MacBook Pro. The MCE Internal Blu-ray Recordable Drive for MacBook Pro can record high definition video and data to 25GB, 50GB, and 100GB Blu-ray recordable discs and it can playback commercial Blu-ray movie titles directly on the MacBook Pro with software included with the drive. Continue reading »

Macintosh and Its Movies

Ilene Hoffman has posted interesting articles on a number of web sites over the years and now has begun to do so on her own site.  On a companion site, she has traditionally placed the Hess Memorial Macworld Party List.   Continue reading »

Keep It Simple 1.2

MADE IN AMERICA  LOUISVILLE, Kentucky – has introduced Keep It Simple 1.2 for iPhone and iPod Touch devices. Keep It Simple is a mobile application that allows users to create, manage, and synchronize lists using Dropbox technology. There users can share their lists between devices and with others by logging in to the same Dropbox account. Lists can be managed offline and will synchronize automatically between the device and cloud when online again.   Continue reading »

UGNN Malware Report for January 27, 2014


User Group Network UGN Safenetting and Malware report It’s the Mac’s 30th anniversary, but the warnings are written on the wall . . . even Mac is vulnerable! The open-source software world is allowing all kinds of delivery methods for malware, from drive-by web sites to images or flash scripting. Pass along this edition of Safenetting Malware Infomanager:
InfoManager Safenetting Malware Alerts Mac malware, Starbucks security, Apple versus FTC & Korean breach [PODCAST]
InfoManager Safenetting Malware Alerts Attackers Celebrate Macintosh’s 30th Anniversary With Data Stealing Malware
InfoManager Safenetting Malware Alerts Amazon, GoDaddy, Google, Leaseweb host half of all malware
InfoManager Safenetting Malware Alerts New Windows Malware Attempts To Infect Android Devices
InfoManager Safenetting Malware Alerts Digitally signed data-stealing malware targets Mac users
InfoManager Safenetting Malware Alerts Beware of malware posing as WhatsApp for PC
InfoManager Safenetting Malware Alerts Global spam email rate falls
and more . . .

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20 Ways Apple’s Mac Changed Everything

The title for this article by Harry McCracken continues with “(Other Than the Most Obvious Ones.) The story of a computer that never stopped mattering.” Continue reading »

How to make an app: AppsMoment

AppsMoment provides unique way to the answer – how to make an app and has quickly become one of the leading application iPhone maker available on the internet. In fact, AppsMoment has announced that their users have successfully published over 150,000 applications and counting.   Continue reading »

Scam on the Run: Fugitive Identity Thief Led Global Criminal Enterprise

Digital Evidence Response Team He made a living stealing other people’s identities…and then their money. And what a living it was — more than enough to bankroll luxury homes, fancy cars, expensive clothes and jewelry, and nights spent in clubs and casinos. When law enforcement was about to swoop in and arrest the thief, he managed to flee the country and continue his extravagant lifestyle abroad for about four years.

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Safenetting : Phishing, Report for January 27 2014


User Group Network UGN Safenetting and Cybercrime report While we’re feeling safer, and phishing has dropped from an average 800 per day to 30 per day, the criminals are getting smarter and more convincing. They’re also finding more ways to phish like the recent “what’s app” attacks. Stay tuned and we’ll bring you the latest and most important online risks updates
InfoManager Safenetting Phishing Alerts Russian Coders, Ukrainian Cybercriminals, and The Largest Cybercrime In History
InfoManager Safenetting Phishing Alerts Microsoft says new phishing attacks targeted law enforcement documents
InfoManager Safenetting Phishing Alerts Email spammer tricked consumers with Obamacare threats, FTC charges
InfoManager Safenetting Phishing Alerts Spear phishing still popular, but more watering hole attacks coming
InfoManager Safenetting Phishing Alerts Attorney general warns against post holiday scams | Consumer Alert
InfoManager Safenetting Phishing Alerts Teach your kids these steps to keep online scammers away
InfoManager Safenetting Phishing Alerts Phishing isn’t just sticking a pole in water
InfoManager Safenetting Phishing Alerts Here’s To Ten Years of Mobile Malware!
InfoManager Safenetting Phishing Alerts SEA Hackers Muck Up CNN Sites
and more . . .

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New year, new games, new educational opportunities for iPad and iPhone users

Games InfoManager ... games for big kids

GAMES InfoManager It’s a new year and we’re kicking things off in the Games department with a great line-up of American made educational games! We find everything spelled right, and everything made for American learners. We invite you to share your findings –good or bad– with UGNN Infomanager readers! Have fun
Games InfoManager Snapling for iOS: Geolocation-Based Photographic Scavenger Hunt Game
Games InfoManager Flag it! feeds your brain – It makes you smarter every time you play
Games InfoManager New Concentration Game for iOS Will Challenge Your Brain
Games InfoManager The Man Who Puzzles America Launches Tic-Tac-Doku App
Games InfoManager Build Snow People With An App, Not Snow, This Winter
Games InfoManager Learning Countries and States no longer boring
. . . and more!

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