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iPhone 5s Complete Guide eBook

Stopframe Ltd has announced its latest eBook: iPhone 5s Complete Guide. Available today in the Amazon store, this brand new title by the expert team at iOS Guides is packed with in-depth tutorials and high-resolution imagery, revealing everything you need to know about iPhone 5s.   Continue reading »

Jumsoft Adds Dropbox Support to Money for iPhone and iPad

  Jumsoft, a developer of applications for Mac OS X and iOS, has released a key update to the iPhone and iPad versions of its most popular product, the finance and budgeting app Money by Jumsoft. Enhancements to the updated app include the ability to store Money documents on Dropbox and to access them from any of the three versions of Money.   Continue reading »

Free Fonts – Christmas Collection

San Francisco, California – 128bit Technologies has announced a new holiday collection of 25 free fonts is available on the Mac App Store under the name: Free Fonts – Christmas Collection. When all you want for Christmas is some new free fonts, unwrap some beautifully inspired text styles that will make any holiday project a smash!   Continue reading »

Amazing Google+ and Picasa Photo Experience for iOS7 With Web Albums 4.0

Amazing Google+ and Picasa Photo Experience for iOS7 With Web Albums 4.0 MADE IN AMERICA The photo app development team at Pixite, has rolled out Web Albums 4.0 for iPhone and Web Albums HD 4.0 for iPad. This is probably one of the best Google+ and Picasa Web Albums photo viewing apps you can get. As the highest rated, paid Picasa Web Albums/Google+ app, Web Albums has been setting the standard for cloud-based photo viewing on the iPhone and iPad since 2009.

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Keep Calm and Carry On While you create funny posters for Instagram

Keep Calm and Carry On While you create funny posters for Instagram Keep Calm! Funny Poster Creator, the all new app from Tiny Mobile, allows users to easily become a poster creator / designer, making and sharing hilarious, topical, irreverent and personal humor laced creations. Continue reading »

Fingertip Maestro App allows anyone to create beautiful music instantly

Fingertip Maestro App allows anyone to create beautiful music instantly Fingertip Maestro is a revolutionary music-making app, for people of all ages and abilities. It enables those with no musical training, to instantly play convincingly, with the feeling and texture of a professional musician. We took the frustration out of the process, just tap and slide your fingers across an intuitive color coded grid to create songs and melodies instantly.

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InstaPDF: Scanner & Document Management

mackh ag has announced InstaPDF 3 for iOS and Mac. Access and scan your documents from everywhere. That’s the way it should be and InstaPDF makes it a reality. So when you create a PDF, you don’t have to email it over and over to store it on multiple devices. Our sync technology takes care of everything for you. You can access your documents on the go via your iPhone, on the web or on our brand new free Mac app. Just like that.   Continue reading »

New Features in iOS 7.1

On Wonder How To, there is a list of the new features in iOS 7.1 which of course is a minor update, but these do look useful.   Continue reading »

Coolest 18 Features in iOS 7

This article is on the web site Wonder How To.  It looks at the 18 features in iOS 7 that most people don’t know about.

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AppleScript & Automator in OS X Mavericks

While it is a small percentage of Mac users that need or use the automation capabilities of the Mac, but those who do need it really find it valuable.  Now there are new features in OS X Mavericks for AppleScript and its useful aid Automator.   Continue reading »

5 Secrets of Public Speaking

This article by Jessica Stillman on talks about the secrets of public speaking from TED speakers.   Continue reading »

Insights Data Mining for Mac OS X

Marking the 100th anniversary of the birth of cybernetics pioneer Prof. Aleksey Ivakhnenko, KnowledgeMiner Software has announced a special 70% discount on its entry-level Insights Touch Edition, valid until November 30, 2013.   Continue reading »

Crowdsourcing is Inevitable: Crowdsourcing will change your life

crowdsourcingSiamak Farah, CEO of InfoStreet, makers of SkyDesktop, a free Cloud-based desktop has sent this detailed and referenced article about crowdsourcing. It’s very thoughtful, and will stimulate many ideas — everyone needs to read this.

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UGNN Facebook Update: Kids leaving, ads coming, SnapChat gone

UGNN InfoManager news all about social media and Facebook This edition of Facebook update sees more concerns over security, ads, and the mass exodus of young folks creating an ever widening gap. But consider SnapChat? What were they thinking? Would you give up a 3-billion dollar offer? Well, maybe . . . but after all, that’s why the Facebook InfoManager keeps a sharp eye on Facebook
* Facebook posts lead feds to Brazilian credit card fraud suspect
* Facebook post causes stir for local McDonald’s restaurant
* Facebook Said to Offer $3B for Snapchat to Attract Teens
* Facebook – Turning James Bond into Jabba the Hutt
* Facebook Says Yes, Your Posts Can Be Used for Ads
* Facebook selling fuels businesses in North Texas
* Facebook: Teens No Longer Interested?
. . . and more

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ICANN : gTLD land rush with first domain sales

User Group Network UGN Safenetting and Cyber Security report One of the strongest predicters of where the internet and web are going is ICANN. Following the antics of these Bozos can give you some insights into what to expect. Generally we follow how they figure in phishing, malware and all manner of cybercrime, but as they evolve new root domains, it’s going to get really nasty!
* National Association Of Realtors: Do Not To Pay Preregister .Realtor Domains They Will Be Free
* The English-language internet just grew by a third—but you probably won’t notice
* Top Level Domain Holdings’ .KIWI Clears Penultimate Step Towards Going Live
* The Applicant Auction team is heading to ICANN 48 in Buenos Aires
* GoDaddy kicks off gTLD land rush with first domain sales
* First Nine English-Language newgTLDs Delegated by ICANN
. . . and more!

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