Secrets of the iOS 7 Keyboard

Kirk McElhearn in his blog Kirkville has a series of articles about how to use the iOS 7 Keyboard.  

One of these is “Do You Miss the .com Button on the iOS 7 Keyboard? Use this Trick

This trick is basically holding down the “.” key on the keyboard until you get the options for .us, .org, .edu, .net, and .com to show up.  But he does illustrate the process and explains in more completely.

See it here:

Others are:

iOS 7 Quick Typing Tips: Quickly Type Capital Letters and Punctuation

See it here:

Different Keys in Different Apps: IOS 7 Keyboards Are Contextual

See it here:

BTW – Kirk McElhearn has written the following books:

Take Control of Launchbar” at



Take Control of iTunes 11: The FAQ” at



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