1st Look Keynote for Mac, iOS & iCloud

Joe Kissell, one of my favorite Take Control authors published this article for Macworld that gives us a “First Look at Keynote for Mac, iOS, and iCloud.”
Summarized by the Mac Summarize command:
“Along with a host of other updates this week, Apple shipped new versions of Keynote for both Mac (v 6) and iOS (v 2), and also added features to the Web version on iCloud.
Perhaps the most striking change in the Mac version is that the floating palettes are gone.  Everything now happens in a single window by default (although you can still bring up a few of the floating palettes if you really want to.)
All versions of Keynote use the same file format, so you can safely make changes to your presentation on any platform and trust that those changes will remain intact when you view the preso on other platforms.

There is at least one exception, though: The iOS and Web versions of Keynote are limited to the fonts Apple built in, so if you use other fonts, you’ll still see a warning message that the text may appear differently.

If you open an existing presentation in the new iOS version of Keynote, a warning appears telling you that from now on, if you want to open that file on your Mac, you’ll need to upgrade Keynote there, too.

Keynote now offers both built-in and user-defined styles for paragraphs and text boxes, which (like similar styles in a word processor or page-layout app) make it easier to keep the appearance consistent throughout a presentation and easily make global changes at a more granular level than master slides permit.

All versions of Keynote sync documents via iCloud; you can also use the Share button to send a presentation in any of several formats (or links to your presentation on iCloud, if you prefer) via Mail, Messages, Twitter, Facebook, and other channels.

 See the full article with greater detail and illustrations here: bit.ly/HloNZN

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