11 Tips for Mavericks

Mark Hattersley has published this article on the Macworld UK web site.  It concerns the 11 tips to get more out of Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks.  

  1. Interactive Notification Center – For example, you can reply to text messages in the Notification Center.
  2. App Auto Updating – Similar to iOS 7 updates, this can also be disabled, to save battery.
  3. iCloud Keychain can suggest passwords
  4. Multiple displays – Easy to use and with a menu on each display.
  5. iBooks – Now on Mac which can provide text books.
  6. Plan a journey in Maps and send results to iOS device
  7. Safari Shares links with friends.
  8. Use Apple TV as a second screen with AirPlay Display.
  9. Tags for Finder files.
  10. Enhanced DictationDictionary used by dictation is downloaded to the Mac.
  11. Move Dashboard – Can be used on any Desktop.

See the full article complete with illustrations here: http://tinyurl.com/khnlcsb

I’m sure we’ll all be doing presentations in our MUGs about Mavericks.  This is one nice start.

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