IDG: Security: Setting a Trap to Catch a Tech Thief

Data breaches, cyber-threats and fraud As innovation in technology advances, the number of security risks increases – for individuals and for businesses. So how do you catch a tech thief? This week we look at a global program to catch device thieves that was born out of a Chilean man’s pet project, a Forrester paper that explores the importance of security policies in the business world, and a 2013 security report that argues for the need of more secure software – not security software.

Candid Camera: Device Thieves Caught Out

Candid Camera: Device Thieves Caught Out

Cell phone and computer theft is a problem in Chile, as it is in other locations, but now a hugely successful program for identifying smartphone and computer thieves has come out of one Chilean man’s pet project. So what does ?Prey’ do, and how did it come about? Find out in this exclusive interview with Chilean former journalist turned computer programmer, Tómas Pollak. Read the full interview now.
GO Chilean Project Preys on Device Thieves

Forrester: Setting The Security Agenda in Business

Enterprises are desperate to protect their brands, intellectual property, and the personal information of their employees and customers, so they have made security a board-level issue. But often security is seen as a roadblock, not an enabler. See why security pros need to look toward security methodologies that drive business value, and ensure the growth and success of the business. Download the paper now.
GO Key Drivers: Why CIOs Believe Empowered Users Set The Agenda for Enterprise Security provided by Blue Coat

Report: Website Security Statistics 2013

Verizon, Trustwave, Symantec. Whichever security report you read, the story is the same – websites and web applications are one of, if not the leading target of cyber-attack. What’s needed is more secure software, not more security software. Find out about the most prevalent vulnerabilities, how many get fixed, how long the fixes can take on average, and how every application security program may measurably improve. Download the report now.
GO Website Security Statistics Report: May 2013 provided by WhiteHat Security

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