23 Things to do to Improve Battery Life in iOS 7

From ZDNet: “Here are 23 things you can do to make your iPhone run a little longer.”



  1. Turn off AirDrop except when needed
  2. Limit apps from updating in backdown
  3. Disable auto app update, manually update
  4. Block persistent callers
  5. Turn off “Frequent Locations
  6. Turn off ‘parallax‘ motion user interface
  7. Disable “Raise to Speak
  8. Prevent Spotlight Search from indexing
  9. Tame your notifications (and backlit display)
  10. Turn off auto-brightness
  11. Don’t use moving ‘dynamic‘ wallpapers
  12. Disable location-related system services
  13. Switch from ‘push’ to ‘fetch’ email
  14. Enable Wi-Fi while you’re at work or home (Turn off “Ask to Join Networks“)
  15. Switch off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth when you’re out and about
  16. Disable 4G (and LTE) connectivity
  17. Reduce auto-lock period to switch off backlight
  18. Disable unnecessary vibrations
  19. Close unused or dormant apps
  20. Check for iOS updates regularly
  21. Keep phone within temperature guidelines
  22. Reduce the times you check your phones
  23. Buy an external battery

Read the full story complete with graphics in the slide show at: http://www.zdnet.com/how-to-improve-your-iphones-battery-life-updated-for-ios7-7000014902

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