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Nimble Ninja Price Drops to Free

MADE IN AMERICA St. Petersburg, Florida – We got a number of press releases this weekend that had discounted or free software for Labor Day weekend or just Labor Day itself as an offer.  It seems that the people presenting these don’t understand the idea of lead time.  Here is one that at least gave us a week’s lead time.  Probably not enough to get it into a MUG/PCUG newsletter, but at least it is a start.   Continue reading »

DeskConnect Launches for Mac & iOS

MADE IN AMERICA Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – DeskConnect launched this past week for iPhone and Mac. On Friday, I listened to a  Mac OS Ken Podcast that interview one of the developers.  I had already downloaded the iPhone part of the app, but hadn’t gotten the Mac part yet.  (I had even published this article, but now have revised it.)  I think that all of you will be interested in checking this app out and perhaps even doing a quick demo at your meetings.  What it does, it does very simply and very well. Everyone should have it.  In the interview, it was stated that eventually there will be a client for Windows.  No mention was made of the possibility of Android.

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MUG in local newspaper

The Kankakee Area MUG, (KAMUG) has been able to get their meeting announcement on the web site of the Daily Journal.  I haven’t been able to discover it if was published in the physical paper.   Continue reading »

Facebook’s Proposed Privacy Policy

  On All Things D, Mike Isaac has an article about Facebook‘s new Proposed Privacy Policy.  In it he describes how YOUR face really matters to Facebook.   Continue reading »

ICANN mishandling the Internet and Web DNS Domain Name System, allowing cybercrime free reign

User Group Network UGN Safenetting and Cyber Security report As you may already know, Safenetting and UGNN have been participating in the Knujon anti-spam efforts since they launched. We have participated by reporting all spam, phishing, and malware attacks that come through several different ‘honey pot’ email addresses to SpamCop, and then add the data to Knujon’s analysis system.

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4 Apps to Enhance the TV Second-Screen Experience

4 Apps to Enhance the TV Second-Screen Experience

So far this year, shipments of computing devices are up by 6 percent to 2.4 billion, with a far greater focus on smartphones and tablets than PCs, TechCrunch reports. If you're one of the 30 million consumers who watch TV on a mobile device (according to Nielsen data), there are some great social, interactive apps out there that sync live programming directly to your personal device. They enhance what experts call the "second-screen experience."

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IDG: The Internet of Things: A Fridge, Car Windows and iChastity Belts

Data breaches, cyber-threats and fraud Is the internet of things the future? What does it mean for business? And why haven?t we embraced it yet if we have the technology to do so? This week we look at the possibilities of the internet of things, the obstacles that need to be overcome, and the manageability, usability and scalability issues for business.

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iPhone InfoManager: August / September

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers Another iPhone coming ??? Gold? New stuff happening in the world of smartphones . . . . and you’re there :
* Apple’s Gold iPhone Joins The New Smartphone Battlefield of Color And Customization
* iPhone 5C could be the first Apple product to use scratch-resistant LiquidMetal
* iPhone 6 Blueprint Made Clear by Concepts – The Clues are Right There
* iPhone poaches more Android owners than vice versa
* iPhone 5S Screen Size Does it Matter? Yes/No
* iPhone 5S: You’ve GOT to see this new color
and more…

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UGNN Facebook Update: money, money, money; slice of society

UGNN InfoManager news all about social media and Facebook Facebook is on an upswing, taking over the social world . . . now they go for the jugular with photos for advertisers and a ton of other sneaky slits to extract money!
* Facebook’s Partnership With Shutterstock Gives Advertisers Access to Image Library
* Facebook tweaks News Feed, adds new algorithm to serve up high quality content
* Facebook protest sparks call for major Philippine rally
* Facebook, Baidu Lead IBD 50’s 5 Big Money Stocks
* Facebook shares close above $40 for first time
* Facebook Addresses App Permissions Gripes
* Dislike: Facebook is ruining your life
. . . and more

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UGNN Malware Report End of August

User Group Network UGN Safenetting and Malware report With everything else that’s going on, we’re now seeing phishing and drive-by malware attacks heavily increasing. We have started posting some of our alerts as infographics, mainly to Facebook. If you are not a UGNet facebook follower you probably should be :
Here goes :
*Mac security study finds most antivirus software options are effective
* MoleRats hackers resurface spreading Poison Ivy malware
* Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit Beta
* Banking Trojans dominate email malware
* RCMP warn of renewed internet scam
and more . . .

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Dressup Adventure Game for Girls

Internet Design Zone, a mobile app development company has announced the release and availability of Angie’s Dream – A Dressup Adventure, its brand new dressup game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Angie’s Dream packs in 20 different dressup themes with an interactive storyline and promises total fun for young girls.    Continue reading »


I personally don’t know of any Apple II user groups that still serve the individuals who aren’t on line, but does still support Apple II users.  And also has a list of Apple II user groups from around the globe. Continue reading »

PhotoBulk 1.6 – Update

MADE IN AMERICA Bellevue, Washington – Eltima Software has announced the extra feature update of PhotoBulk, an extremely popular app that won the affection of hundreds of Mac users all over the world, due to its design, convenience and ease. PhotoBulk 1.6 – an easy-to-use bulk image editor for Mac OS X – from now on has the following great features:   Continue reading »

Self Timer Video

  In 2009 Apimac launched Self Timer for iPhone, an app that finally allowed all iPhone users to appear in their own group photos, take self-portraits and personal photographs. The app quickly jumped to the top of the charts worldwide, and is currently used by hundreds of thousands of users. Apimac has now made another leap forward, and following the latest trend that has seen videos become the focus of social networking, has launched the all-new Self Timer Video, presented by the company as “your own personal cameraman who will follow you wherever you go with your iPhone“.   Continue reading »

10 Classic Games on iOS

Mac|Life published this article by Richard Moss earlier this week.  It is listing 10 Classic Adventure games that you can now play on an iPod touch, an iPhone or an iPad.  Another one of my list favs.   Continue reading »