8 Ways to Make Facebook Less Annoying

  This article by Andrew Hayward on the Mac|Life web site gives us 8 ways to make Facebook more enjoyable.  

These items are:

  1. Only Important Updates – this tells you how to change what updates you are getting from each individual
  2. … Or Zero Updates – Remain friends but avoid that person’s updates for now or forever.
  3. Turn Off Email Notifications – Self explanatory, but my favorite anyway.
  4. Choose Wisely – Select who you want your updates to go to.  (Especially if you are playing a Facebook game and don’t want to aggravate your friends with “requests”.)
  5. Disable Game Requests – What you do with those game requests that are aggravating you.
  6. Keep  Your Wall Yours – You decide which tagged posts appear on our Timeline.
  7. Kill False Endorsements – Don’t let Facebook tell people what you like.
  8. Disable Imported Tweets – If you are already following people on Twitter, you don’t need their Tweets appearing again on Facebook.

See the full article with step-by-step instructions here:

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