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IDG: Information Risk: Lessons, Awareness, & Global Threats

Data breaches, cyber-threats and fraud Data breaches, cyber-threats and fraud are all on the rise. Such malicious threats combined with human error are exposing points of weakness in a fast-changing, complex information landscape and are putting brand reputation on the line. So how do you make sure your organisation’s data is safe? This week we have offer lessons that new businesses can learn from their more experienced counterparts, PwC’s second annual Information Risk Maturity Index, and a global security report that offers regional perspectives from around the world.

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UGNN Maleware Report for 1307-28

User Group Network UGN Safenetting and Cybercrime report With everything else that’s going on, we’re now seeing phishing and drive-by malware attacks heavily increasing. We have started posting some of our alerts as infographics, mainly to Facebook. If you are not a UGNet facebook follower you probably should be :
Here goes :
* Poker player arrested for stealing money through Android malware
* Malware targets Mac and Windows users simultaneously
* Apple hack exploited with new phishing campaign
* Royal Baby Emails Disguise Hidden Zbot Malware
* List of global hacking ring’s targets, losses
* New Phishing Scam Equals Double Trouble
and more . . .

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Cyber Security — Escalating Onslaught of Cyber Attacks

User Group Network UGN Safenetting and Cyber Security report While the population moans about security and government spying, the cybercriminals are having a heyday.
* Universities Struggling to Protect Digital Information From Escalating Onslaught of Cyber Attacks
* Lakeland hack proves government cyber security health checks are vital
* Certified Products, Malware Prevention and Cyber-Security
* Cyber disputes loom large as Obama meets China’s Xi
* UP student wows judges of cyber security tilt
* Instagram users hacked by smoothie spammer
* Should Schools Improve Cyber Security?
and more . . .

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PrivacyScan 1.3

MADE IN AMERICA Las Vegas, Nevada – As legal debates regarding Internet consumer privacy rage on, SecureMac, an authority on Apple Macintosh security, has released the v1.3 update to its PrivacyScan software. In addition to the usability updates (including new support for Opera 15 and Chromium), the software is now available directly from the PrivacyScan website as a 15-day free trial.   Continue reading »

iOS 6: Dialing Phone Extensions

Those of us who remember the days of BBSs and other online services that predated the Internet can relate to this tip from The Mac Observer, (TMO) written by Melissa Holt.   Continue reading »

Default Folder X update

MADE IN AMERICA Denver, Colorado – St. Clair Software has announced the immediate availability of Default Folder X 4.5.10. This brings performance and feature improvements to its utility for enhancing Open and Save dialogs. It also updates compatibility with the latest developer release of Mavericks, the upcoming version of OS X.   Continue reading »

Hidden OS X Features

This appears in an article by Waqas Ejaz on the website.  From list of tips gathered from Ask DifferentContinue reading »

10 tips for privacy on Apple devices

This article by Geoffrey Goetz was posted on the GigaOM website. Of course he is correct in stating that is difficult to protect your privacy on today’s devices.  Continue reading »

Teachers With Apps Recognizes Outstanding Developers

I am always interested in software that enables education. Therefore, I was interested in hearing that Teachers With Apps has announced their Teachers With Apps Certified Developer program. To kick off this initiative, they are honoring 15 App Developers who have consistently brought education apps to the mobile platform that are exemplary in the following areas: content, presentation, and execution, as well as overall user experience.  Continue reading »

iPad iApps for Musicians, created by Jordan Rudess

UGNN InfoManager news all about iPad, iPhone and Mac Apps ... iApps If you have anything to do with music what so ever, you should have heard of Jordan Rudess by now. His YouTube videos have been viewed, studied, immitated and emulated by millions of musicians — yet nobody even comes close. If you watch the video at the end, below, you’ll see some of the things you can do with just ONE of these apps… ENJOY :
* Immerse yourself in the wonders of a visual/audio experience like no other!
* SampleWiz inputs, outputs, generates, samples simultaneously
* MorphWiz is the second app to bear the Jordan Rudess name
* Tachyon – unique musical expressive power for iPad
* Aurora Sound Studio makes great music on your iPad
* Geo Synthesizer : all that is good in synth
. . . and more

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iPad iApps for Musicians, Music Makers & Players Part 5

UGNN InfoManager news all about iPad, iPhone and Mac Apps ... iApps Many musicians have taken the iPad seriously for their music, writing, jamming and gig performances. We’re ramping up for the heavy show season, trying to decide does our music toolkit need another iPad even? Wow! Here are more extraordinary iApps for the world of music — and YOUR musical experiences :
* The most powerful music creation studio designed exclusively for iPad
* Professional-grade audio and acoustic analysis apps – in ONE
* Insane FourTrack recording power for iPad / iPhone
* Synth studio from KORG. What else can we say?
* Want to rock Hendrix’s Rig? Now you can!
* It’s a Book! It’s a Band! It’s a HIT
. . . and more

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iPad iApps for Musicians, Music Makers & Players Part 4

UGNN InfoManager news all about iPad, iPhone and Mac Apps ... iApps iPad is becoming the defaco music iDevice for musicians and performers all over the world. YouTube is exploding with tutorials in 90 different languages on producing, mixing, modifying, and generating music on the iPad! Let’s take a look at some of the best iApps in the world of music :
* Play drums like a pro . . . record for gig use
* Your entire library of music and lyrics
* 500,000 high quality tabs with chords!
* Seriously? You can sing? YES
* Moog Music Filtatron
* ReBirth for iPad
. . . and more

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Last chance summer games InfoManager

Games InfoManager ... games for everyone

GAMES InfoManager Summer is almost over and soon games time will be shorter and shorter! Here’s a little something for everyone across the board . . . get your games on !!!!
* Plush – The Puzzle Game Sure To Be A Sleeper Hit On iOS
* Disc Golf Scorekeeper for Frisbee® Golf 2
* Violet 2000 Games Presents: Man-Chine
* Back in time for some Cave Bowling
* Will you survive? Survivor Z
* Buster Bash Pro . . . FREE
. . . and more!

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InfoClick 1.1

MADE IN AMERICA Solana Beach, California – Nisus Software has announced the release of InfoClick 1.1, a powerful email search tool designed to guide you to the emails you’ve been trying to find.  Continue reading »

DocScanner Pro for iOS – Free

Mobile application and software development company Haave Inc. has decided to show its appreciation to fans of their mobile applications has announced a promotion on DocScanner Pro. It is now available for free on the App Store for the upcoming week only. Normally priced at $6.99.   Continue reading »