Migrating from Kindle to iBooks

Zachary West, an iOS and Mac developer has posted this article on his blog zacwe.st.  Zachary says he has worked on Adium and that he created Prowl.  So he does know a lot about the development process. 

He says he started with reading eBooks from the Amazon Kindle store.  He switched to the iPad but wanted to keep reading Kindle books.  Of course, he could have used the Kindle app, but says that iBooks is faster at syncing the read position and that it feels more natural to him.

He proceeds from that point to give step by step guidance in using Calibre, (a Java application), DeDRM (for decryption) and the Kindle App for Mac to change from the MobiPocket format to the ePub format that i needs.

Get the details here: http://zacwe.st/blog/kindle-to-epub

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