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Supercomputer Watson to be Customer Service Rep

IBM’s famed supercomputer first made waves when the company introduced it as a computer specifically made to answer Jeopardy! questions. Since then, Watson’s development has expanded, and in 2011 it competed against former Jeopardy! winners Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter to take home a $1 million prize. Continue reading »

Cyber Security : heating up for summer

User Group Network UGN Safenetting and Cybercrime report We continue our coverage of the ever growing cybercrime threat — and CISPA legislation rift between privacy advocates and security advocates. Following last week’s updade, here’s yet more from the world of security

This is the fourth installment of our new infomanager: “Cybersecurity”
* Security expert says Syria hackers tried to access an Israeli city water system
* Why Iran May Pose A Greater Cybersecurity Risk Than China
* ANALYSIS: Bets overlap in cybersecurity gold rush
* Iranian Cyber-Attackers Target US Energy Companies
* Businesses must protect against cyber crime
* Four-star general in eye of US cyber storm
* FTC Fires Back In Cybersecurity Case
* 5 Real Computer Security Disasters
* NZ mobile devices largely at risk
and more . . .

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Technology & Politics: From Web to Warfare

	iPad in Business Technology has made a number of changes to the way we live and work, but what affect has it had on politics? And can technology get political? This week, we look at the relationship between politics and tech in Africa, investigate the way that technology has affected global politics, and look at the darker side of tech and politics with a research paper on cyber warfare.

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iPad InfoManager : Here comes summer and new iPads

UGNN InfoManager news all about Apple and Apple computers The iPad InfoManager digs up the most interesting or entertaining news about iPads . . . New iPads on the horizon, new apps, and a bunch of wannabees that just won’t go away . . . these are among this week’s best tidbits …
* Apple cuts iPad 4 refurb price, signals iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 arrival
* Apple Drops Prices On Refurbished iPad Mini, iPad 4 Tablets
* KGI Predicts Gloomy Calendar Q2 Results for Apple’s iPad
* Microsoft attacks Apple iPad and Siri in new adverts
* iPad 4 vs Google Nexus 10: The Full-Size Tablet Kings
* Will Apple Share Release Date for iPad 5 at WWDC?
* Apple iPad mini 2 and iPad 5 release date
* Is Apple losing its innovation magic?
* The ugly truth: Apple vs. PC design
. . . and more

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Japanese Art Created Using MS Excel

This article talks about unbelievable works of art.  These pieces are created using Microsoft’s Excel spreadsheet package.   Continue reading »

How to create a RAM disk in OS X

This article in TekRevue talks about setting up a RAM disk for your use in the Mac’s OS X OS.   Continue reading »

Migrating from Kindle to iBooks

Zachary West, an iOS and Mac developer has posted this article on his blog  Zachary says he has worked on Adium and that he created Prowl.  So he does know a lot about the development process.  Continue reading »

Will Vittle for the iPad Finally Kill the Need for Text?

 Will Vittle for the iPad Finally Kill the Need for Text? Despite being a sub-optimal experience, iPad users still rely on its virtual keyboard for most of their daily communications. A new App named Vittle from Qrayon, launching worldwide today, seeks to change that. Vittle lets users record short videos using their photos, handwriting, and voice that can be securely shared, or posted online for the whole world.

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Photographer takes iPad users on a free motorcycle ride through Mexico

 Photographer takes iPad users on a free motorcycle ride through Mexico MADE IN AMERICA When the photographer left Los Angeles a few years ago for a five month expedition to Latin America, little did he know that there was no going back. In the following years, the epic adventure now nicknamed “LA2BA” would cover 42,000 miles through 15 countries, providing a vast supply of exceptional photographic opportunities and a rare chance to meet the contrasting cultures of an entire continent. Continue reading »

iLuv Drawing Vehicles HD for iPad: Learn Secrets of Drawing Step-by-Step

 iLuv Drawing Vehicles HD for iPad: Learn Secrets of Drawing Step-by-Step  MADE IN AMERICA iLuv Drawing Vehicles for iPad is a clever app which shows kids step-by-step how to draw 20 different vehicles. Unlike most similar apps, it provides a full complement of flexible, accurate, touch-sensitive tools for young artists, including: pencils, crayons, pattern brushes, paint fills, erasers, backgrounds, stickers, undos, layering, scaling, flipping, rotating, and zooming. Kids can follow spoken directions and trace pictures on the iPad, or they can draw on paper. One of the best art education apps available for iPad, kids learn about drawing, while they learn the names of the parts of each vehicle they depict.

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Macware Inc. Offers 50% Off Holiday Weekend Sale

MADE IN AMERICA Omaha, Nebraska – Macware, a leading developer and publisher of Macintosh software, is kicking off the holiday weekend with a sale through their website. Save on your favorite Macware software titles with this special, limited time offer. Now until May 27th, you can take 50% off your entire Macware purchase** through the Macware website. Continue reading »

Disk Order 3.2.4

LikeMac Group has updated Disk Order to v.3.2.4, its double-pane (commander like) file manager for Mac OS X. This release adds some nice features and improves Mountain Lion support.  Continue reading »

UGNN Facebook Update: After a year, the craziness goes on

UGNN InfoManager news all about social media and Facebook Well, it’s been a year, and nothing has changed . . . well, I take that back — a lot has changed. But the idiots, stalkers, whiners, gripers, and pervs are still there!
* Australian politician apologizes for ‘liking’ Facebook pic of exposed teen
* Facebook’s timeline: A history of the social network’s hits and misses
* Three teens charged with raping girl, posting video on Facebook
* Facebook: Google+ a ‘Dangerous, Different Game,’ Says BTIG
* Facebook, Twitter announce apps for Google’s Glass
* Baby Foxes Check Into Facebook
* Facebook, a year after IPO
. . . and more

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UGNN Maleware Report for 1305-20

User Group Network UGN Safenetting and Cybercrime report We’re reporting on the latest trends and hacks in your online security — not all for Windoze machines either. The mobile / smartphone community seems to be suffering most — and we do have a new news in the Macintosh / Apple arena as well. We’ve gotten a slew of new updates before we can even get this report to the web! Here goes :
* Trying to kill undead Pushdo zombies? Hard luck, Trojan is EVOLVING
* Android Malware Makes Up This Week’s Dangerous Apps List
* Indian malware campaign targeting Pakistan uncovered
* Mac users beware, ‘Apple-certified’ malware is here
* In a sea of malware, viruses make a small comeback
* ‘Lame’ Mac malware finds success in spearphishing
* Internet Explorer 10: Best Against Malware
* Music and lights could trigger malware
* Mobile malware increased 58% in 2012
* You’ve got malware
and more . . .

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Pixelmator 2.2

Pixelmator is my most favorite graphic program, so this announcement is good news.  You should checkout Pixelmator on the Mac App Store as well as on the company’s web site.

The Pixelmator Team announced on May 16th, that Pixelmator 2.2 downloads have topped half a million since the previous Thursday, making it the most successful release in the Pixelmator Team’s history. With over 100 new features and improvements, Pixelmator 2.2 Blueberry is available exclusively through the Mac App Store as a free update, or for $14.99 for new customers.   Continue reading »