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The local NBC station in Tulsa has been running a series about iPhone applications that actually pay for your to use them.  Most of them are only available for iOS, but some also have Android versions.

They have gone into detail on Field Agent and Gigwalk, both of which ask you to do surveys and take pictures of local businesses.  Gigwalk appears to be contracted mostly with Microsoft for jobs and asks you to download a photo app produced by Microsoft to create panoramic photos within and outside of businesses.

Other apps covered are:

  • iPoll – Get paid for your opinion of food, customer service or atmosphere while dining, shopping, movie and other experiences.
  • Survey – Take short surveys on your smartphone.
  • WeReward – links to social networks
  • EasyShift – Quick jobs
  • Mobile Rewards – Do simple tasks and get paid.  (Similar to EasyShift)
  • Surveys – Surveys on the Go pays for opinions where you go.
  • iSecretshop – Secret shopping assignments.

The app that I have used for well over a years is called CheckPoints, I have used my rewards from them to get an Apple TV as well as other items from Amazon as one of the ways they pay off is with Amazon gift cards.  Most of the ones listed above pay off using Paypal.  Some pay off in other ways.  CheckPoints has you scan products in area retailers for point and coins.  Coins are used to play simple games where you can win more points.  There are some other ways to get point too, but they don’t pay off very quickly and lately the scanning doesn’t seem to pay off as well either.  But if can work them into your regular shopping trips, then they aren’t too bad.

See the full article here along with video segments from the news show:

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