10 iPad Apps To Download Right Now

This article appears on Mashable.com this  past week.

The apps listed are:

  1. AudioNotes ($4.99)  Link audio recording to notes
  2. Photoshop Express (Free) Primary features of Photoshop
  3. Sketchbook Pro ($2.99) Drawing and paining tool
  4. Epicurious (Free)  A go-to cookbook
  5. Wikipanion (Free) Accesses Wikipedia
  6. Jasmine (Free)  YouTube access with parental controls & AirPlay
  7. Star Walk ($2.99) Astronomy
  8. White Noise Pro ($2.99) Gentle sound-masking ambience.
  9. MindNode ($9.99)  Organize tasks and brainstorming.
  10. AppShopper (Free) Helps buy iPhone & iPad apps

The article has links to all the apps. See it here: http://mashable.com/2012/11/18/ipad-apps/#10108910-AppShopper

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