Tributes to Steve Jobs

 On Friday, October 5th, the anniversary of Steve Jobs’ death, a number of tributes were given.  The most notable was on Apple’s web site where a video was done with a slide show of various moments in his life with recordings of his quotes being given as a voice over.

The San Francisco Chronicle ran an 89 page slide show that included at least 3 videos.  All about Steve.  The first was a picture of him holding an Apple ][ computer in 1977.  The last a picture of an Apple Specialist holding an iPad with a copy of the picture from the biography and the words “Thank You, Steve”.

There was also a flash mob dance done by a number of people dressed in black mock turtle necks and jeans at an Apple store in Seattle (University Village).  I am still not sure that it should be counted as a tribute, but hopefully that is what they meant it to be. What do you think?  See it at:




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