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This app is Made in Americaeasy meetingsMcLean, Virginia – If you are a regular traveler or someone working with a globally spread team, TimePal is the meeting planner just for you that makes meetings planning across different time zones easy and fun, and it is now available at the Apple iTunes store.

Business persons travel around the world to attend events and conferences. They attend meetings with local and international clients, and they often have trouble converting time zones. To solve this problem TimePal is a great app that presents multiple time zones in an easily comparable hour by hour view that makes it easy to find convenient times for all time zones, eliminating the pain of mental math.

Easy meeting planner across time zones - TimePal - By TapMafia LLC

You only have to select the cities you need, and you will get a view where you can see all the time zones in an hour by hour grid view, with time difference from your home city. This way you don’t have to do any math and conversion, and let the app do all the work. You can concentrate on finding the best time for your meetings in different time zones.

To make things simpler, the app also highlights business hours with color hinting. This makes comparing working hours of your time zone and other cities much easier. This allows you to find the most suitable time for planning a meeting or event in multi dimensions. Once you are happy with a time, mark the event on the phone’s calendar. TimePal also allows users to send the time and date for meetings through email to clients and people who need to know about the meeting.

Just start the app and use the ‘plus’ button to add cities that will appear in iPhone’s native list format, choose a date for the meeting and select the suitable time range. TimePal is an easy to use, user-friendly, intuitive and colorful application for all iOS devices. You can add as many cities in the app as you want. The layout of TimePal is simple and easy to understand for new users. You will find time zones with corresponding cities on the left side, a date button on the bottom and the rest of the space is for viewing time as a linear clock to plan events and meetings. After selecting a time range simply click on the date button to create an event in the calendar or send the selected time in email.

Pricing and Availability:
TimePal app cost $1.99 and it supports iOS 4 and above, and it easily works on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. TimePal is designed by TapMafia LLC who designs apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phones, and they also have several other apps for iOS which are available at iTunes. TimePal has received some fair number of ratings by users and it is increasing as more people are using the app to plan their meetings across time zones. Category: Business, Productivity, Finance

Easy meeting planner across time zones - TimePal

Easy meeting planner across time zones – TimePal – By TapMafia LLC