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legendary dog-cow of the original Mac MacPaintRecently on the AUGD mailing list, Randy Singer of recommended ways for us to donate and recycle our old computers.  He first suggested Freecycle, a free online recycling/gifting movement designed to keep tangible items out of landfills.  A lot of computers get tossed out and there are many people who can use an old computer or computer part.

Another possibility is Computers for Kids.  Computers for Kids will pick up your old computer, do any refurb needed and set it up as a student computer at some elementary school.  They’ll give you a tax deductions as well.

Another is Geeks Without Borders, who provides computer resources to impoverished communities.

Gifts In Kind distributes donations to recipient organizations serving a wide spectrum of people in need, including: at-risk youth, the homeless, older Americans who are struggling or ill, low-paid military families, victims of domestic abuse, refugees, immigrants, the illiterate, the under- and unemployed, victims of natural and man-made disasters and many others.

Gazelle will take your older Macs, even if they have no value.  They will recycle and triple wipe your data.

In some cities, Goodwill has centralized stores that carry nothing but old computer equipment.  I might be worth seeing if your city has such a store or accepts computers as donations.  I know if Fort Worth, the city directs all computer donations to Goodwill to slow down the dumping of electronics into the landfill.—computer-store-los-angeles

Apple also has a Reuse and Recycle Program
The service allows anyone to send their old computer and monitors to Apple to be recycle for free, regardless of brand. You may even get an Apple Gift Card for your old equipment.

To finish this up, Randy Singer‘s web site is:

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