Steve Jobs: The “Global Leadership” Conundrum

Cookies Global Leadership Programs are becoming more popular, but are they enough to develop the leaders of the future? In this edition, IDG focuses on the issues around this topic … “Is the Steve Jobs trick of being an ‘awful boss’ crucial to organisational leadership?”

The Leadership Revolution

A Leadership Role Model?

Steve Jobs may have been widely considered unbelievably vile to deal with, but he certainly got results. So what was it about him that encouraged such hard work and loyalty? Fear? Respect? Or both? In this blog piece, Kathryn Cave discusses what makes a leader inspirational, and whether replicating Steve Jobs’ leadership style will replicate his success. Discover more in this article
GO Steve Jobs: The Model of Inspirational Leadership

The Leadership Revolution

Leadership is rapidly changing in the new global business world, and the demand for quality leaders has become a critical talent issue facing global organizations. However, the rewards are worth it, and the cost to your business of having ineffective leadership can be considerable. This white paper examines the need to foster a high performance company that allows performers to grow and become the business leaders of the future. Learn more about the benefits to your company here.
GO The Leadership Revolution: Developing Talent in the New World of Business provided by CornerStone OnDemand
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Leadership Development Research

In an increasingly global business environment, organisations want and need leaders who can help them compete successfully. But are today’s organisations fully utilising global leadership development programs to develop global leaders, and, if so, are they effective? This white paper presents the results of a global survey reviewing the status and progress of leadership development programs around the world. Click here to read the results.
GO Developing Successful Global Leadersprovided by American Management Association
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Is the Steve Jobs trick of being an ‘awful boss’ crucial to organisational leadership? .
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