6 of the rarest Macs

The article on Macworld.com has listed six Macintosh computers that are rarely seen.  At least compared to other Macs.  

Perhaps the most rare was one I didn’t even know existed.  Called the JLPGA PowerBook 170 from 1992.  It was a multicolored notebook.

Next, the Color Classic II from 1993.  I knew about that one.  But it was only offered for sale in Japan and Canada except for the Performa 275 version which was available in the U.S.

The Macintosh TV of 1993 was one that I coveted.  As I remember, it was only old at Best Buy and had a built-in TV tuner.  Only 10K of those were built.  It was also the only all black Macintosh ever bult.

Next, the PowerBook 550c, also only available in Japan.

Then, the most expensive Macintosh ever built, at $7499 in 1997.  The Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh, very few people actually bought it the first year.  Even if it did come with delivery by an Apple technician.  It was a very nice futuristic looking design. Only 12,000 of these were produced.

The last one listed is the Power Macintosh G3 All-in-One from 1998.  It was also only for the education market and was launched only 2 months before the first iMac.
See the full article, by Benj Edwards, with pictures of all the Macs at: http://www.macworld.com/article/2012192/six-of-the-rarest-macs.html

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