Ten Killer Tips for iOS

This Cult of Mac article by Rob LeFebvre is actually titled The Ten Killer Tips Every iOS 6 User Needs to Know.  Most of these will apply to both iPhone and iPad.

  1. Use VIP in Mail app
  2. Use Guided Access
  3. Create Panoramas with the Built-In Camera App
  4. Enable 3D Flyover in Maps
  5. Respond to Phone Calls with a Message
  6. Launch Apps with Siri
  7. Use Offline Reading Lists
  8. Upload Photos Directly in Safari
  9. Integrate Facebook
  10. Share Photo Streams

Of course, Cult of Mac gives more details, complete with screen shots.  But these are certainly a good place to start in enjoying your new iOS.

See the full article at: http://www.cultofmac.com/191432/the-ten-killer-tips-every-ios-6-user-needs-to-know-feature/

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