How to Create a Stylish Slideshow

 Ben Harvell gives a nice tutorial to using Keynote in this MacLife article.  

He starts off by mentioning that you can use iPhoto and OS X screensavers for doing slideshows of your photos.  Then states “By contrast, in Keynote you can select which images appear, how they appear and when they appear. You also have a wide range of transitions to work with and you’re not limted to using a single transition in your slideshow.”

After that, he does show a step-by-step process in using Keynote and its Inspector to design the transitions between slides and between each step of the slide.

The Steps are:

  1. Pick a template – Use one that includes collaged images.
  2. Add your photos – After doing the cover slide, drag photos from Media
  3. First Photo – Select first photo and open Inspector. Use Build and Move In to get started.
  4. Next Photo – Ditto
  5. Set the order – Use More Options in the Inspector Build pane
  6. Building out – Use the Build Out tab in Inspector
  7. Order adjustment – Use the More Options in the Build pane
  8. Continue – Do next slide

Of course, the author gives more details and uses illustrations in his tutorial.

See the full article here:

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