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BYOD: iPads, Security and the Latest Trends Communication is a crucial cog in the workings of a successful organization. The way businesses communicate has changed a lot over the years, and many are now making use of a unified communications (UC) system to bring the growing number of communication channels together. In this week’s Global Roundup newsletter, you’ll discover the latest global UC trends, get access to our interactive UC zone which focuses on public sector communications, and learn more about the UC solutions on the market today.

Connect Zone with UC Content

A short while ago IDG teamed up with NEC to undertake a huge survey exploring unified communications across government, education and healthcare in Germany, Spain and the Netherlands. You can find the results on this interactive unified communications zone, which is packed with opinion and insight based on the findings. Click now to access exclusive video, blog and white paper content.
Connect Zone with UC Content
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Latest Global UC Trends

Unified communications has made its way into every type of company, and on a wider scale, it’s making a global impact. In this brand new report, you’ll discover the latest enterprise communication trends from all over the world. Find out what is driving change in enterprise communications and how many of your peers have already undertaken a UC project.
2012 State of Enterprise Communications
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Buyer’s Guide to UC Solutions

Once you’ve decided a unified communications implementation is for you, the hard part is choosing a UC solution. Each vendor delivers UC slightly differently, which can make selection a challenge. This comparison guide examines a number of UC solutions on the market today and weighs up their pros and cons. Download now and find the right UC solution for your needs.
Introducing the Unified Communications Players
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