SuperCard IconEarlier this month, I saw an article that mentioned that HyperCard was now 25 years old.  Many people mentioned that they thought it was the best application that Apple ever released.  Unfortunately it is no longer available.  However there is a clone of it still around.  SuperCard is now at version 4.7.3.  

SuperCard 4.7 is available in two packages.  The SuperCard Suite includes the SuperCard runtime, runtime editing environment, SuperEdit, Standalone Maker, TransMaker, Internals Toolbox, SuperCard Player and HyperCard Converter.

The SuperCard Essential package has the SuperCard Runtime and runtime editing environment, SuperCard Player and HyperCard Converter.


System Requirements:  Universal Binary support on any Macintosh running Mac OS 10.4 or higher  (Compatible with Mountain Lion.)


  • SuperCard Suite 4.6 Full License:  $279
  • SuperCard Essentials 4.7 Full License: $179

30 Day Trial Version:

Discounts for HyperCard users:

(There is also a page discussing the differences between HyperCard and SuperCard.

On a personal note, I was a member of the Boston Computer Society when HyperCard was released and was at Macworld Expo when it was announced.  The gentleman that headed up the HyperCard SIG for the BCS was hired to help with the development of SuperCard by Charlie Jackson of Silicon Beach Software.  Unfortunately, I no longer remember his name.  But I do know that I found SuperCard very useful and used it on my classic machines for several years.  It great to see that it is still around.  You should check it out.

See a brief history of SuperCard here:

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