New In Mountain Lion

Apple has listed 200+ updates to its new OS X operating system: Mountain Lion from Lion.   Here are a few of the more prominent ones.  

  • Dictation – Speak and have the computer talk for you. Talk anywhere you can type.  By default, it is activated with the fn key being hit two times. It understands the basic text-related commands such as “All caps,” “new paragraph,” and “new line.”  When you say “period,” “Comma,” “question mark,” or “exclamation point,” it does the punctuation for you. It also works with the names in Contacts to get spelling correct.
  • AirPlay Video/AirPlay Audio – Video requires the 2nd or 3rd generation AppleTV.  VideoMirroring requires Mid 2011 Mac except for the MacBook Pro which will work with early 2011 machines.  Uses the Sound Preference to direct audio to an AirPlay device.
  • Built-in Sharing – Apps have a Share Button built into  many of the apps that revels a menu of sharing services.  It is done within the application you are using, no need to switch to a browser, a Twitter client, an email or a messaging app.Single sign-on to use Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo and Flickr.  Share photos, videos, links and documents using Mail, Messages and AirDrop.
  • Notification Center – Find Notifications you may have missed via banner.  All notifications are in one location.  The Menu bar indicates when you have new items.  Accessible anywhere, even when using a full-screen app.  Banner notifications appear in the upper right hand corner of the screen. They go away after 5 seconds, but clicking on them takes you to the app.  Alert Notifications also appear in that corner, but stay there until you click on Close or click on the Show button to go to the app.  Win the display is being mirrored to an AppleTV or another screen via an HDMI cable, Notifications are turned off.  Respond to Tweets and Facebook right in the Notification Center.  Configure Notifications from within System Preferences.

There is much more, but I won’t go into them today.  It is important to know which Macs can run Mountain Lion.  Here is a chart:

Mac Supported
MacBook Late 2008/Aluminum and Newer
MacBook Pro 13″, All 15″ and All 17″, Mid/Late 2007 and Newer
MacBook Air Mid-2007 and Newer
Mac mini Early 2009 and Newer
Mac Pro Early 2008 and Newer
XServe Early 2009 and Newer

Of course, another new feature is price.  $20 for the upgrade via the Mac App Store.

To get the full story, see the Mountain Lion info on Apple’s site:

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