It is too bad that this didn’t come out prior to June of this year.  Perhaps it did, but if so, they didn’t get the word out.  This appears to be the best alternative to Apple’s MobileMe yet.  And currently at the same price.

MacMate offers Website Hosting, Galleries, Email and a Cloud Disk.  Sounds much like iWeb hosting, Gallery, Mail and iDisk.

The Web Hosting includes multiple domains, with live stats and Google Analytics.  And it actually is designed to work with the iWeb application.

Galleries has Themes available with thumbnail and slideshow views which will automatically adjust for iPhone or iPad usage.  The Gallery is created by simply dragging photos into a folder.  They can be password protected with multi-user protection.

The Email has spam and virus protection, has a mirroring system that claims !00% uptime, and is secured by TLS, SSL 2.0 and SSL 10 compatible techniques.  Additionally it can be accessed with Mail apps from Mac, iPhone and iPad.

The MacMate cloud disk shows up on the desktop like the old iDisk did.  It can be used for additional storage, a backup disk, for additional storage or just for the web and email uses.

While there currently is a special offer of $99 for a year of service, the regular price will be $119, according to the web site.

Screen Shots:

MacMate Folder Only Closeup


MacMate – iWeb

MacMate/Webmail Spam Security

To get more information and sign up go here:

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