I find it amazing and heartening that there is still such a large Apple II community.  The latest listing of the User Group Advisor Board discounts has a special offer from Juiced.GS for a subscription of their quarterly newsletter.  

They are now taking subscriptions for their 13th year of operation 2013.   The subscription is $19 for domestic subscribers and $27 for international ones, although Mexico and Canadian subscribers can get theirs for $24.

They are also offering a 2013 Wall calendar with over 100 dates of significance to Apple II users including the birthdays of Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs.

You can get more information at the Juiced.GS web site at:  <a href=”http://juiced.gs”>http://juiced.gs</a>

You can purchase the subscriptions, back issues and calendars here:  <a href=”http://juiced.gs/store/”>http://juiced.gs/store/</a>

If you are eligible for the 10% discount, you can find out the code by talking to your User Group Ambassador.  The offer is good until the end of the year.


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