U.N. takeover of the Internet

Cyber criminals taking over the internet In December, an organization of self-important, foreign bureaucrats will meet to decide the fate of the Internet. WCIT-12 is a landmark global treaty-making conference that will define the general principles for the provision and operation of international telecommunications networks around the world. Somehow they have the notion that the Internet is an entity that can be taken over by the United Nations.

Congressman Goodlatte Speaks against U.N. Control of the Internet

THE INTERNET has progressed and thrived in large part upon free market principles. However, several hostile countries continue to pursue a takeover of the Internet by an agency within the United Nations (U.N.). In fact, a push is being made to negotiate international control of the Internet at the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT) in Dubai later this year.

As Co-Chairman of the Congressional Internet Caucus, Goodlatte, and many other members of Congress, believe that it is unacceptable for the U.N. to govern the Internet and have been working for years to prevent such a scenario. Earlier this month, the House of Representatives unanimously passed H. Con. Res. 127 reiterating our support for keeping the Internet free from U.N. control.

As a strong supporter of this resolution, Congressman Bob Goodlatte spoke on the House floor regarding the issue.

quoting The U.N. is the absolute last entity that should have anything to do with managing the functioning of the Internet. The Internet is an important tool in many of our daily lives that connects us with others and powers businesses and industries across the United States. We must remain vigilant against efforts by foreign governments to consolidate control of the Internet into a U.N.-centered body, which would lead to abuses and restrictions of free speech and access. This vote on H. Con. Res. 127 sends a clear message expressing the unity of Congress to prevent this power grab. I will continue to aggressively work to prevent U.N. control of the Internet.end quote

H.CON.RES.127 : Expressing the sense of Congress regarding actions to preserve and advance the multistakeholder governance model under which the Internet has thrived.
Bill Summary & Status 112th Congress (2011 – 2012) H.CON.RES.127


Tell them you believe the internet is sovereign U.S. property, and is NOT open to takeover by any foreign entity. Tell them to support this resolution, unless you want the internet taken over by foreign entities.<

WCIT Background Briefs – An FAQ and comprehensive set of Background Briefs covering the main topics likely to be discussed at the conference can be found at:
WCIT WCIT Background Briefs.

Make your voices heard : If it bothers you that we’re about to give up the United States Sovereignty of the Internet, stakeholders from across industry, civil society and general public are encouraged to make their voices heard :
WCIT Public consultation opens for World Conference on International Telecom

ICANN Toronto

If you care about keeping the internet free of cybercrime, and global infrastructure risk, you probably already know about ICANN’s failure to protect the internet.
      ICANN will be holding a public meeting in Toronto Canada 14 – 19 October. We are reaching out to all UGNN members and readers within easy reach of Toronto to attend the meeting. These meetings are free and open to the public. UGNN has been following the results of these ICANN meetings regularly since 2008 and advocating on behalf of the Internet user. Usually they are in foreign countries, but this one is very close to large U.S. population areas.
ICANN Toronto ICANN Toronto
About ICANN Meetings

ICANN Policy Fail : See nine case studies detailing ICANN policy and process failure from Internet security watchdog organization
ICANN policy and process failure

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