Taking Back Your Internet

Cyber criminals taking over the internet We start with a fundamental question:

quoting Is this an Internet we all have a stake in,
or an Internet we are subjected to?end quote

As long as spam, phishing, malware and unsolicited email exploits exist in an unaccountable structure, we are all subjects of other parties. The dirty secret is that the Internet is mandated to be accountable but is operated in violation of this mandate for a handful of beneficiaries. The Internet is supposed to be accountable to YOU. As we mentioned previously the Registrars in Knujon reports linked with COMPLIANCE FAIL have documented contractual violations directly related to spam that has been reported by Knujon users. These violations have yet to be addressed or explained by ICANN.

ICANN Toronto:

ICANN will be holding a public meeting in Toronto Canada 14 – 19 October (meetings.icann.org/icann45). We are reaching out to anyone who wants to save the internet, within easy reach of Toronto to attend the meeting. These meetings are free and open to the public. UGNN has been following, and KnujOn has been attending ICANN meetings regularly since 2008 and advocating on behalf of the Internet user. Knujon has received a significant amount personal intimidation from Registrars at these meetings when discussing their findings. These underhanded efforts have largely failed and Knujon has gathered more supporters at the meetings. Some ICANN staff have caved into the intimidation and now refuse to talk to KnujOn. Regardless, these meetings are an excellent opportunity to engage the organization and insert effective policy.

If you are able to get to Toronto, please consider coming to the meeting and coordinating with KnujOn in person. They will introduce you to the guts of the Internet policy monster responsible for failing to deal with the nefarious activities of cyber crime on the web. KnujOn is on several working groups and policy committees dedicated to improving Internet policy. There will also be a free catered event specifically for members of the community.

At Large Membership: At-Large is an official Internet user community which influences policy. There are At-Large organizations (ALS) throughout the world looking for your input! Many of the successful policy fixes to ICANN have been through this structure. ICANN is supposed to be accountable to the Internet community and this is how we make sure they are.
At-Large organizations (ALS) atlarge.icann.org
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POLICY / Process failure at ICANN
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KnujOn is an all volunteer, un-funded initiative. We are committed to this solution and appreciate your patience while we work our way through the maze of Internet bureaucracy to reduce illicit traffic and spam.

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