Latest Trends: BYOD and Tablets

BYOD: iPads, Security and the Latest Trends Tablets and the demand for bring your own device (BYOD) environments have been dominating trends in the IT world over the past 12 months. This week’s Global Roundup newsletter looks at what BYOD means across the world and predicts what the tablet landscape could look like in 2020. Is the BYOD trend here to stay?

Latest Trends: BYOD and Tablets

Middle East: How the Region can Prepare for the BYOD Influx

The BYOD craze seems to be a global phenomenon, with respondents from all across the world proving eager about the subject in IDG’s recent research. Of course, the Middle East is no exception. In this blog post, Dan Swinhoe explores attitudes to BYOD across the region. Find out what Middle Eastern experts consider to be the pros and cons, and find out how many companies plan to embrace the BYOD trend.
Dan Swinhoe (Middle East)- BYOD is Coming

Asia: Why Businesses no Longer have a Choice about BYOD

As such a key player in the global marketplace, it’s no surprise that professionals across Asia are particularly enthusiastic about the prospect of BYOD. In fact, when it comes to implementing BYOD best practices, employers in the region may not have a choice. Read about how workers are taking matters into their own hands across Asia, and how companies can prepare for the inevitable influx of employee-owned devices.
Dan Swinhoe (Asia)- BYOD in Asia: Is It Really A Choice For Employers?

Global: What the Tablet Trend Means for Businesses

Since the launch of the iPad, there has been a very noticeable influx of tablet devices into the marketplace and the workplace. But what does the rapid rise of tablets mean for global businesses? This brand new report from IDG Connect features the latest trends, as well as spotlights on key markets including Africa, Asia and the Middle East.
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