Best 50 Apps for Kids

This story from the Guardian by Stuart Dredge is worth looking at if you have children that use smartphones and/or tablets.  

According to the article, Disney had 2000 British parents surveyed who have app-capable devices.  The findings included that 75% share them with the children, 56% said that they had gotten apps at the request of their kids and 37% consider apps to be a part of family life.

Neither Apple or Google have a Children’s category in their stores.  This is list meant to help parents find apps.

Included in the list are the following apps by category:


  • Art My Kid Made – iPhone – Free
  • Disney Pixel’d – iPhone/iPad – Free
  • Maily – iPad – Free


  • Change4Life Fun Generator – iPhone/iPad/Android – Free
  • Famigo Sandbox – Android – Free


  • Lego Super Heroes Movie Maker – iPhone/iPad – Free
  • A Day At The Circus – iPhone/iPad/Android – $2.99


  • Rockford’s Rock Opera – iPhone/iPad – Free
  • Magic Town – iPad – Free
  • The Icky Mr Fox – iPad/Android/BlackBerry PlayBook – Free

Of course, this is just a sampling of the list.  See the full article here:

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