How the Olympics Could Impact Businesses Worldwide

Cookies With the long-awaited opening ceremony just hours away, the world is gripped by Olympics fever. The sporting events in London are already having a big impact on the capital, but your business could also be affected, no matter where it is based. In this week’s Global Roundup email, IDG takes a look at the ways the Olympics could impact your company and explore ways to make the most of the Games without losing out on business.


Learn How the Ripple Effect Could Impact You

Londoners have already seen a big change in their city thanks to this year’s Games, and are experiencing a big impact on businesses with travel woes, security fears and worries about worker productivity. But your company could suffer too, no matter where it’s based � 43% of businesses have said they’re expecting supply chains to break down during the event, so it’s important to be prepared. This blog post explains the ripple effect the Olympics could have on businesses across the world. Click now to read the full article.
Keith Tilley (Europe) – The Olympics: Is the UK Prepared for the Ripple Effect?

Avoid Rogue Viewings in the Workplace

The Olympic Games are always highly anticipated, and with over 4 billion viewers expected for today’s opening ceremony alone, the world is getting ready to watch every event. But what if your employees want to do that at work, on your time? This white paper discusses the effects of large sporting events on your network, and can help you decide whether to allow organized viewings or to risk employees taking matters into their own hands.
Managing Major Online Events, provided by Blue Coat
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Prepare for the Impact on Networks

You may think your network is strong enough to handle anything, but with more online viewers expected for this year’s Olympics than ever before, it could pay for you to be prepared for outages and slowdowns. This white paper discusses the impending challenges of the world’s largest online event, and explains how to keep your sites and apps online during the Games. Read on and learn how to avoid the key IT risks.
The Olympic IT Challenge for Businesses provided by Peer1 Hosting
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