Lion Tweaks 2.01

  Lion Tweaks is a freeware utility from Fredrik Wiker.  Version 2 added support for Mountain Lion and Gatekeeper.  The idea is to put back some of the features that were discontinued with Lion.  

Features that you can turn on are:

  • Show the user Library folder
  • Enable the 2D-Dock
  • Remove system Window animation
  • Remove Mail Window animation
  • Remove Reading List icon in Safari
  • Disable Spelling Correction
  • Get a new Stack (Dock) List View
  • Highlight Stack items on mouseover
  • Change iCal Leather to Aluminium
  • Disable local Time Machine Backup
  • Enable color in the Finder-sidebar (Lion only) and comes with warning
  • Enable TRIM-support in Lion
  • Hide Spotlight-search
  • Enable repeating keys
  • Enable permanent scrollbars
  • Show hidden files
  • Disable the Crash Dialog Popup
  • Change Addressbook Leather to Aluminum
  • Diable resume for a single app
  • Enable the hidden FTP-server
  • Customize Launchpad folder background
  • Enable Airdrop on old hardware
  • Enable iTunes Dock animation
  • Enable iCal debug-member

There is a button to Reset all to system defaults.  Additionally the Default Settings are marked with a bold front.  While the download is free, the author, Fredrik Wiker does ask for a $3 donation.

You can download the app here:

I can see why some and perhaps even most of these can be useful at times, but there are a few that I am not sure about ever wanting to use.


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