Happy 5th Birthday iPhone

I was out of town last week and missed congratulating Apple on the 5th anniversary of the iPhone.  But I think this occasion warrants reminding everyone what the analysts were predicting back then.

In the UK, the Guardian headline read:

‘iPhone set to struggle’

It further stated:

“Apple’s much-anticipated iPhone, which goes on sale in the US today, will struggle to break into the mainstream because of a lack of a 3G connection and low demand for converged devices, according to research.

International research conducted by media agency Universal McCann has concluded that Apple’s goal of selling 10m iPhones by the end of 2008 is too ambitious.

See the full article here .


Most analysts at the time agreed that Apple did not have a chance in reaching their goal of 1% of the phone market.

While we can’t say that Apple dominates the market in sales, it does acquire the lion share of profit in the industry.  What do you think Apple’s worldwide market share will be on its 10 anniversary?


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