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UGNN InfoManager news all about social media and Facebook Facebook updates follow smooth moves and pitfalls — sometimes the ones users never see! This edition follows up on last weekend’s edition with some new insights into the underpinnings of Facebook!
* Facebook anti bullying tools get President Obama’s support
* Facebook reuses your ‘likes’ to promote new stuff
* Facebook’s Latest: The “Instapaper On Steroids”
* Facebook adds ‘Seen by’ feature to Group pages
* Is Facebook advertising worth the investment?
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Facebook rolls out anti bullying tools with President Obama’s support

ObamaPresident Obama said :: “For a long time, bullying was treated as an unavoidable part of growing up … But more and more we’re seeing how harmful it can be for our kids, especially when it follows them from their school to their phone to their computer screen.”
      Facebook is joining the fight against cyber bullying. On July 13, the company announced they are implementing tools to help younger teenagers on Facebook fight back against bullying.

Facebook adds ‘Seen by’ feature to Group pages

Facebook has introduced a feature on its Group pages that lets users see which other users have viewed their posts.
      The feature, introduced earlier this week, adds a “Seen by” tag to posts that users can hover over to see the reach of each post in Group pages. Based on a screen shot provided by Facebook, the features appears to already be on both its website and mobile apps.
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Is Facebook advertising worth the investment?

While brands and advertisers have flocked to Facebook to promote their wares and connect with consumers, the jury’s still out on the true value of the site for marketing.
      The BBC recently completed an investigation into the effectiveness of the social network as a promotional tool. Running a campaign for a fictitious business called VirtualBagel, BBC technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones spent $10 advertising the company’s Facebook page.

Facebook reuses your ‘likes’ to promote new stuff

We trust Facebook with so very much of our personal information — birthdays, phone numbers, relationships, pictures, where we go, what we do and when. Why not just let the world’s largest social network go ahead and automatically publish posts using your name, and stick those posts on your friends’ Newsfeeds?
      No need to answer, on account of Facebook is already providing you with this automated convenience, ZDNet’s Ed Bott reports. Posts from pages you “like,” now show up in Newsfeeds, as if you posted them yourself.

Facebook’s Latest: The “Instapaper On Steroids”

Facebook has acquired the team behind Spool, the mobile content-caching startup that launched in September 2011 at TechCrunch Disrupt. At that time, my colleague Sarah Perez snappily described its service as ‘Instapaper on steroids.’
      This looks like a pure talent acquisition — it doesn’t appear that any of the technology Spool built will be integrated into Facebook, and the company has already shut down its service. Spool raised a $1 million round of venture capital this past January from a group including SVAngel, Felicis Ventures, Yuri Milner’s Start Fund and YouTube founder Steve Chen.
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