Add 5 Finder Functions to Mac with 2 Apps

  The actual title of this article on Mac360° by Jack Miller is actually “5 Finder Functions Your Mac Doesn’t Have But You Get With These Two Apps.”  The two apps in discussion are TotalFinder and Neu.  I have used TotalFinder ($18) for sometime now, and it is one that I plan on talking about at the TUMS meeting next Tuesday night.  TotalFinder gives tabbed Finder browsing that looks somewhat like Safari’s tabs.  It also gives the ability to compare two folders side-by-side and allows cut and paste within the Finder as well as other options.  TotalFinder I use almost as much as Cinch.  Cinch ($10) is used to put windows side-by-side.  I have gotten so used to doing the Cut and Paste, that I had forgotten it wasn’t a native Finder ability.

Not mentioned in the article is TotalFinder’s abilities to go beyond Tabbed Browsing to Show System Files, Visor and Folders on Top.

The second item in this article is Neu ($10).  Neu is new to me.  No pun intended.  Mr. Miller says that Neu provides menu settings that allow you to create new documents without opening that application first.  It comes with templates for Images, Numbers, Pages, Text, Web and other docs.  You can also add your own templates.

See the full article here:

BTW – in looking at the website itself, there are a number of short articles here that can spur discussions in a MUG meeting.  Check it out for that if nothing else.

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