6 Ways to Regain Disk Space on Mac

MacLife has posted this article about regaining disk space on your Mac.  In these days of 500+ GB disks, us old timers wonder how you could possibly have disk space issues.  But it does happen.  

This list of suggestions is certainly good, even if many of them are obvious to those who aren’t new to the Mac.

  1. Delete Apps
  2. Delete Old Documents and iChat Logs
  3. Get Rid of Main Downloads
  4. Remove Old Log Files
  5. Find iTunes Dulpicates
  6. Reset Your Browser

Of course the article gives you specific recommendations on how to accomplish all these. There are also utilities that can help you find duplicate files on your drive as well.

See the complete article here: http://www.maclife.com/article/howtos/6_ways_regain_disk_space_your_mac?partner=skygrid

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