Sandvox’s iWeb migration

As I discussed last week, MobileMe is ending its nearly 4 year run at the end of June.  When that happens, websites on MobileMe that was created with iWeb will no longer be accessible.  

One of the alternatives I mentioned is Sandvox. Karelia has introduced a new migration assistant in its 2.6 update.  Of course, iWeb will keep working for now and into the near future.  So if your website isn’t hosted on MobileMe but you are using iWeb to develop your site, then you can continue to use iWeb.

If you have already started using Sandvox, it should offer to update to 2.6 the next time you launch.  If you download it now, is should already be updated.

See all the details at Sandvox’s website: (There is a free trial version for download.)

System Requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.6 or later

Price,  Single User

  • $79.99


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