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http://d-studio.com.ua/images/Products/helicon_focus.png A major version release of Helicon Focus for Mac became available at the beginning of 2012. Helicon Focus for Mac team is glad to announce version 4.2.9 which is fully compatible with Mac OSX 10.7 Lion. Among other fixes and advantages, the performance of application processes is significantly improved. Both professionals and photo amateurs will notice that Helicon Focus step by step has become more and more comfortable in use and versatile in its capabilities.  Helicon Focus is a high quality photo post-processing application which is widely in demand for photo-fans. Having several partially focused images as input it’s able to create one completely focused image as output by combining the focused areas. Helicon Focus meets expectations of photographer from variety groups of style. Macro and micro photography, landscape photography – these are the main areas where application noticeably stands out, perfectly combined  reasonable price and desirable quality of resulting shots.

Working as a stand-alone application Helicon Focus processes both 8-bit or 16-bit per channel image, works with multiple processors, has clear and well-chosen default settings. Multiprocessing makes possible to render 20 – 25 frames within 1.5-2 minutes. User’s efforts for settings adjustments are minimal or not needed at all.

Exceeding the diffraction limits of the lens, gone out the required exposure values of the allowable range for the scanning back, lower than desired resolution of the image – these and some other side effects are well known headache for professionals and just photo funs of macrophotography (camera + macro lenses). It’s not important how a sequence of images, called an “image stack”, is created – with fixed or variable focus – after processing by Helicon Focus the most of undesired effects disappear.

In situations when moving the tripod or lens for a better angle is almost impossible Helicon Focus  is perfectly helpful making possible to render sharp focus. It’s especially actual while taking landscape (infinite depth of field) photos. Struggling with DOF is a real “issue” which Helicon Focus perfectly workarounds.

The distortions caused by shallow depth-of-field, are under the power to fix for Helicon Focus. Fans of micro (camera + micro lenses) shooting meet the conditions when objects often change their size and position from shot to shot. Being well-thought-out tool Helicon Focus applies to image the required corrections, making the final image fully sharp.

Depending on needs and expected results User can chose the most suitable license. Three different configurations are available:

  • Helicon Focus Lite (basic license)
  • Helicon Focus Pro (advanced license)
  • Helicon Focus Pro X64 (premium license)

To test yourself capabilities advantages of Helicon Focus for Mac, to evaluate speed of processing  of he large series of your pictures and quality of the final image result, you just need to download the trial version (30 days of use), which is free and full featured App. Just try it!

The work with Helicon Focus is quick and easy:

Step 1. Creating stack of images
Step 2. Loading images to Helicon Focus
Step 3. Combining images
Step 4. Saving the output file

We are glad to announce the changes included into new version 4.2.9:

  • Added plug-in installation for exporting images from Lightroom
  • Added new render method “C”
  • Updated Helicon Focus engine
  • Improved performance for application processes
  • Fixed some UI bugs

We believe than Helicon Focus will meet the most expectations in your image-processing and you enjoy the time working with it and observe the results of your efforts.

Disclaimer: d-Studio, Ltd is developing and supporting Mac version of Helicon Focus under the joint venture with Helicon Soft Ltd.

d-Studio: http://d-studio.com.ua/
Helicon Focus: http://d-studio.com.ua/products/helicon_focus/index.html
Purchase and Download: http://d-studio.com.ua/products/helicon_focus/download/index.html
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