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GAMES InfoManager JULY is here, and many families have lots of leisure time — the games apps world has a whole new offering of amusements and entertainment for your leisure!
CAUTION REMEMBER : you cannot get your money back after downloading and discovering an app really sucks — and most do! We think these actually suck less!
* iTraps – The return of the classic game
* Happy Duck Puzzle Fishing Game
* Radia : tilt-based game
* Mayan Adventure Game
* Angry Humans? Guano!
* Arrow Mania
. . . and more!

Angry Humans? Guano!


With a birds-eye view of parks, cities and campgrounds, Guano! users steer their bird characters overhead in search of targets. Guano! contains three randomized, never-ending scenes that make the game different each time it is played.
      Big Goose Egg coins are earned based on number of people hit, distance traveled, and accuracy.
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Happy Duck Puzzle Fishing Game


Happy Duck is an addictive Adventure/ Puzzle game for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Players work their way through over 40+ beautiful, and challenging levels trying to catch fish from the lake below them. Being careful to dodge the dangerous obstacles and debris along the way.
      That’s not all they have to watch out for though, deadly piranhas lurk the waters, going too close to these creatures is sure to have disadvantageous results.
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iTraps – The return of classic game from the past


It’s time to conduct a perfect race, it must demonstrate your ability to control and guide the steel balls from start to goal within the allotted time. But look around, the track is like a river with 10 treacherous obstacles.
      To start press the dial time. To put a ball in play, press the next ball and use the push button to dodge obstacles and reach the goal.
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Mayan Adventure Game


Free to download, Mayan Escape – Run challenges players to test their reflexes and dexterity as they help Bebe escape. Bebe, the character, must escape the evil warriors trying to capture him and all the village gold. Bebe runs through his Mayan village, around the temples, avoids capture, picks up the gold and makes it to the holy flame safely.
      Well maybe! The endless game play provides hours of idle time fun.
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Radia : tilt-based game


Radia is a new, tilt-based game featuring a Level Mode with 50 unique, challenging levels, two Arcade Modes, Endless and Timed, and Leaderboards to track local and global high scores.
      As players reach more challenging levels of the game, they are aided with the help of Power-Ups like Invincible, Slow, Annihilate, and Destroy. These unlocked Power-Ups then remain unlocked for all other game modes. The goal is to maneuver through complex levels and collect as many Radia as possible while avoiding Saws. A level ends once a player collects all of the Radia, hits a Saw, or time expires.
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Arrow Mania


Arrow Mania brings the fun of shooting lots arrows in a gorgeous scrolling world. Tap quickly to fire a hale of arrows, or hold down your finger for precision shooting. Move around using the magnets and lifts. Defend yourself against bomb dropping planes.
      Most levels are huge and the game gives many hours of addictive gameplay, a definite sense of value for money compared to many games at this price.
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