Dan Rodney’s Mac Tips & Hints

The page that I Stumbled Upon appears to be nicknamed Mac Central, Your place for good, concise, Mac related hints.

Across the top of the screen, the menu is “indesign scripts, mac, iphone/ipad, reference, training, about”.  

The InDesign Scripts are for automating InDesign.  The topics are Proper fraction, Make Book Jacket, Widow Fixer, Quotes to Foot & Inch Marks and Change Object Shape.  Dan also offers to custom design scripts for InDesign.

The submenu under Mac is “Keyboard Shortcuts, Multi-Touch Gestures, Tips & Tricks and Recommended Applications.”

The Touch Tips and Tricks under the iPhone/iPad and iPod Touch include “Typing & Working with Text”, “Safari (Web Browsing)”, “Mail”, “Phone Controls & Calling”, “Music Controls”, “iPhone’s Earbud Clicker Controls”, “Taking Screenshots”, “Force Quit, Reset, Etc.”, and “Miscellaneous”.

Reference has links to the Mac Central pages as well as PC Central, InDesign Central and Miscellaneous (recommended websites).

Training and Design refer to Dan Rodney’s business of Training people and doing InDesign work.

About is what you would expect, also shows his contact info and Certifications.

Most of the OS specific tips I am already familiar with, but since I don’t know AppleScripting it could be useful for me to look at those.

See the complete website at:  http://www.danrodney.com/mac/

The actual home page, has an interesting animation and is worth a look itself.  Go to: http://www.danrodney.com/

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