Cloud vs. Botnet

¬†Almost every day we get at least one new press release for this or that new cloud-based application. Yes, it’s the age of innovation. But are we innovating ourselves into a corner? What happens when the cloud goes away? Okay, go ahead and laugh. One press release said “PDF is so last millennium” – but when I tried the software that would claim to replace PDFs it was cranky and jerky and made reading a headache. What gives? When did internet developers stop using designers? This this product is cloud-based — we don’t have to worry about having the file — that is, until the cloud goes away.

Last week Grant Gross, IDG News Service, wrote :

The U.S. government has launched a coordinated effort with several trade groups and private companies to combat botnets and educate affected computer users, the White House announced Wednesday. The new effort to fight the large networks of compromised computers will involve a range of activities, including plans to share information about botnets among government and private organizations and a nationwide consumer education campaign, members of President Barack Obama’s administration announced.

Well, that reads well — but it seems that cybercrime is usually just a step or two ahead of law enforcement. And when a government is behind it the game changes all together. Remember what happened when Russia invaded Georgia. Botnets took it all. Including the cloud.

Grant writes :

Botnets are especially dangerous because they use “our own computers against us” . . . About 5 million computer systems were infected with botnet malware in the first quarter of 2012, said Michael DeCesare, co-president at security vendor McAfee. About one in 10 U.S. computers is infected with botnet malware, officials said.

Yet somehow I still don’t believe there’s going to be any silver bullets against the cybercrime cartels. The government and law enforcement just don’t seem to have the right kind of metal.

The cloud is going to thrill a lot of people, save a lot of time, and save a lot of hardware. But is it appropriate for your most important stuff? Maybe, maybe not.

I’m going to continue trying to keep as much of my essential computing resources local, running well, and backed up, so that all I really need is current. And if the sun is shining, or I have a little fuel for the genny, I won’t need much at all.

Read the full story :

White House launches coordinated effort to battle botnets

… and let me know what you think!