Biometrics in Government, Business and On the Move

Biometrics Although biometric technology is still a novel concept to many of us, biometric features have been used in every day applications for over a decade. So what can biometric technology be used for, and who is utilizing it? In this week’s Global Roundup newsletter, we explore the Indian government’s ambitious plans, look at how enterprises can use biometrics, and discover what the future could hold for mobile biometric technology.

Biometrics On An Eye-Popping Scale

Biometrics in Government: India’s Ambitious Plans

Governments across the world are beginning to use biometric technology to keep track of their citizens. But you may be surprised to learn that the biggest biometric database is not held by the US or China, but by India. In this blog post, Dan Swinhoe explores India’s ambitious plans to keep iris scan records of the entire Indian population. Read it now and see what other countries could learn from India’s example.
GO Dan Swinhoe Biometrics On An Eye-Popping Scale Dan Swinhoe (India)

Biometrics in Business: How You Can Use It

The key purpose of many biometrics applications is to verify identity, making the technology a valuable security tool for businesses. This white paper outlines the various types of biometrics solutions available and explains how they can be used in a business environment. Find out how to improve security and add a new dimension to authentication with biometrics.
GO - Mobile Biometrics Getting Started – Mobile Biometrics provided by Planet Biometrics
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Biometrics on the Move: Mobility and the Future

These days, everything seems to be going mobile – and biometric technology is no exception. This white paper introduces the capabilities of mobile biometric technology, and explains how to use it to its full potential. Download it now to learn about the current state of the biometrics market and see what new technology is on the horizon.
GO Biometrics for Enteprise Security provided by HP
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