14 Tips & Tricks for Mac OS X

 This article on OSXDaily tells 14 tips & tricks that we all can use.  

The tips are on:

  1. Show Hidden Files in Open & Save Dialog Windows
  2. Go To Folder
  3. Instant Image Slideshow Anywhere in OS X Finder
  4. Instant Focus Mode, Hide All Windows Except Foreground App
  5. Hide Current Application and Current Windows
  6. Instantly Lock the Screen
  7. Take Screen Shot and Store It In Clipboard
  8. Cut & Paste Files in Finder
  9. Makek ~/Library Visible Again
  10. Cycle Windows in Current Application
  11. Cycle Through All Open Applications
  12. Quickly Force Quite the Currently Active App
  13. Application Launching with Spotlight
  14. Discard Widows from Resuming on Application Quit

Of course, there is more detail in the article and as usual you should read the comments as well.

See the article here: http://osxdaily.com/2012/06/08/14-must-know-tips-tricks-for-mac-os-x/

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