11 iPad Business Apps

This article on Cliconomics talks about 11 iPad Apps that the author, Jared Croslow uses in business.

  1. FastPDF+ – as a library for PDF files
  2. Brushes – drawings and jotting notes
  3. Dropbox – no need to identify
  4. Air Video – watch video on the iPad from your computer
  5. Penultimate – A visual notebook
  6. iDisplay – extends a notebook screen to your iPad
  7. iAnnotate PDF – Sign PDF documents
  8. MindMeister – Maps business plans
  9. Pandora – Music
  10. Teleprompt+ – a teleprompter.
  11. iA Writer – write documents

He gives some reasons why he thinks those are so great, so see the full article here: http://www.cliconomics.com/ipad-business-apps/#comments

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