Research Special: Tablets, Transformation & Communication

Tablets, Transformation & Communication In business and IT today, things are changing very quickly. The benefits we see from this include new technology constantly on the horizon and business practices which are improving every day. In this week’s Global Roundup newsletter, you can read three pieces of brand new research from IDG Connect, which look into the future of business and can help you prepare for the challenges.

Tablet Computing

How Tablets are Driving the Future of Business

Something we noticed when conducting our research into marketers’ perceptions is that new technology is changing the way business consumers think. Users now expect an instant-on environment thanks to the widespread use of tablets and other mobile devices. According to our research, 77% of respondents believe this consumerization of business communication will only continue. So what does this mean for tomorrow’s business consumer? Read the blog to find out more.
Marketers Perception Blog: Tomorrow’s Business Consumer
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Why Companies are Transforming IT

We’re well aware that organizations are planning for the future with IT transformation initiatives – in fact, 61% of companies we surveyed are already working on an IT transformation project, with a further 32% planning to implement one in the next 12 months. This blog post delves into the drivers for IT transformation and explores the cultural approaches that companies are taking. Click now to read the full article.
The Culture of Change provided by CA Technologies
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What the Future Holds for Communications

Technology is not only affecting the way we plan for businesses, but is also changing the way we communicate. With an increasing number of employees working outside the traditional office environment, the quality of communications experience these workers have is critical to their productivity. This blog looks at the way communication is changing in businesses today.
Mobile Workers: A Fairytale Existence? provided by NEC

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