Permanently Delete Files from Mac

Jeff Mincey has written this article on the Bohemian Boomer website.

He says:

“How do you get rid of or hide such files? Ah, that’s the challenge. First, there are half a dozen inexpensive apps that help to clean up Mac caches (browser history, downloads, etc.).

You can also use the Mac’s built-in FileVault option to encrypt you files and prevent them from being discovered or seen by prying eyes.

Or, you can take those files you worry about the most and simply delete them.”

Then he talks about two ways to securely delete the files:

FirstSecure Empty Trash. That’s the more secure option because it deletes, slices, dices, and overwrites Trashed files seven times, making them virtually impossible to recover.

Secondly – Permanent Eraser. This free Mac app also securely deletes files you don’t want to be seen by others…  overwriting old data 35 times, scrambling the original file name, truncating the file size, and then unlinking from the Mac’s file system.

System Requirements:  Mac OS X 10.5 or later

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