Junk Mail remedy?

pic Are you inundated with catalogs, offers, and direct mail junk? The web site DMAchoice.org could be just what you’re looking for.

In the process of moving an elderly relative from their home into a full service care facility we discovered that she was receiving a pile of really junk mail. She had obviously gotten taken from list to list to list — everything under the sun, from vacumn cleaners to shoes and clothes she was getting them all. On some days, she would get two or three thick envelopes from the Publishers’ Clearninghouse … then more the next day. What to do?

I called the Publishers’ Clearing House to unsubscribe her and the person I chatted with asked : “Does she get at lot of catalogs and other junk?” The answer was obviously ‘yes’ …


The operator went on to explain how we could opt-out to tons of stuff by going to The “Direct Response Marketing” (or DMA) organization.

So, since we were getting so many, rather than finding all the ones we get, we just clicked “ALL” — then went on to click “other offers” and so forth. All it took was a simple registration, and then a validation of my “account”. That’s it.

Will it work? Who knows. Guess we’ll just have to wait. But it sure is promising!

GO Go to : www.DMAchoice.org


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