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BYOD: iPads, Security and the Latest Trends With security such a critical concern for businesses, many have turned to encryption to help protect data from prying eyes. Although encryption is designed to made data hard to decipher, the technology itself should not be hard to master. In this week’s Global Roundup newsletter, here’s a blog which looks at the background of encryption and its possible uses, and two top papers which discuss different types of encryption.

Data Encryption: Why You Need It

Data Encryption: Why You Need It

Encryption is an area of information management that causes confusion for many companies: does the data need to be encrypted at rest or when in motion? Does the classification of the data mean that there are different encryption requirements? In this blog post, security expert Si Kellow starts from the beginning, with a brief history of encryption and a discussion which aims to answer these questions. Click here to read it now.
Data Encryption: Why You Need It

Email Encryption: Why It’s Not So Difficult

When it comes to an encryption strategy, many businesses know email is the place to start. However, some organizations are still holding back amid concerns about the complexity of email encryption projects. This white paper explains how to overcome this complexity with an alternative approach – cloud-based, managed encryption systems. Read about email encryption in the cloud.
Bursting the myth of email encryption complexity
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Ubiquitous Encryption: How You Can Achieve It

For businesses in the know, email encryption is just the start of a strong data protection plan. A data-centric approach to security is a highly effective way of keeping up with determined cybercriminals. This Forrester white paper makes the case for ubiquitous encryption throughout the enterprise. Download now and find out how to protect your data whether it’s at rest or in transit.
Killing Data
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