Cookies: Will New Regulations Leave a Bitter Taste?

Cookies The new EU e-Privacy Directive – better known as ‘the cookie law’ – takes effect tomorrow, May 26th. Even if you’re outside of the EU, it’s likely the new regulations will affect you if you have a website, so IDG is exploring the subject in more detail in this week’s Global Roundup newsletter. Read our insight in IDG’s latest blog, discover what you need to do to comply, and learn more about the use of cookies and tracking on mobile devices.

Cookies - Will New Regulations Leave a Bitter Taste

Opinion: Perceptions of Cookies

cookies The new cookie law states that every website must ask permission to place cookies on the machines of UK users – so wherever your site is based, you could be breaking the law by tracking these users. So what does this mean for businesses? Well, non-compliance could land you a hefty fine. In IDG’s latest blog, we explore the subject including tips for compliance and public perception of the law. Find out what everyone is saying about the e-Privacy Directive.
GO Opinion: Perceptions of Cookies

Guidance: How to Handle the Regulations

The new law increases the onus on websites to ensure that visitors understand what cookies are and why website operators and others want to use them. This practical guide can help you understand the law yourself as well as communicating it to your users. Learn about the four main types of cookie and get better acquainted with the new regulations.
GO ICC UK Cookie Guide — provided by ICC
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Background: Cookies & Tracking on Mobile Devices

Cookies aren’t just an issue for desktops – they can also be used to track web history for the growing number of mobile devices too. This white paper explores the mobile side of things in more detail, and discusses the tracking methods used by advertisers. Discover the truth behind common mobile privacy myths and read about the specific regulations for mobile use.
GO Mobile Privacy Demystified — provided by StrikeAd

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