7 Things Computer Novice Should Know

Ben Popken has written this article for The Consumerist actually titled:  “7 Things Ex-Geek Squad Employee Wishes Every Computer Novice Knew.”   

I think that most technicians would agree that each person should know these 7 items.

  1. Keep all your data backed up.
  2. Have recovery discs for each computer you have.
  3. One antivirus at a time, please.
  4. Don’t install tool bars, they’re bloatware that will slow down your internet speeds.
  5. “Free” stuff can be expensive.
  6. Computers don’t like liquids.
  7. No computer is immortal.

There is a lot more detail at: http://consumerist.com/2010/07/7-things-geek-squad-employee-wishes-every-computer-moron-knew.html

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